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The #1 reason for long dry time
Is poor air flow . Dryers are vented
Outside thru sometimes many feet
Of venting , after time and many loads
Later lint that got past the lint filter
will collect in the vent and Restrict
air flow. Heat by itself can not dry
the clothes, it must get rid of the moist
Air and replace it with dryer air . Many
Manufactures recommend having the vent
Professionally cleaned once a year.
Yes , there are parts in your dryer
That can malfunction and cause
The same symptom but more times
Then not its lack of proper air flow.
If you have the means and feel
Comfortable doing so you can
Try this test . Undo the vent from
The back of the dyer allowing the dryer
to vent into the room. This is for test
purposes only and we do not recommend
Leaving your dryer in this condition .
Make sure The room is adequately vented .
If the Room has an exhaust fan turn it on
If there is a window open it . Now
Do a load of laundry just as you
Normally would and dry it as you
Normally would with the vent disconnected
if the dryer now Performs as it should its
likely it just Plugged vent and you will need to
have it cleaned,if the long dry time
Still exists then there is likely a
Problem with the dryer and service
Will be required.
Why does my dryer
Take so long to dry ?

I have to run it 2 or 3
Times to get a load dry.
Something you can try.
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