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Top Load Washers
Most newer GE washers have a computer
Board that stores errors , sometimes all
It takes to get it spinning again is to clear
The stored errors on the board . This applies
To some but not all TOP LOAD GE washer
This will not work for front loaders or top
Loaders with no board or when the malfunction
Is something other then a stored error.

1 unplug washer.
2 wait about 2 minutes.
3 plug unit back in.
4 open and close the lid about 8 times within 10 seconds of plugging in.
50% of the time this get a non spinning GE washer spinning again.
Then you may want to consider skipping the
Fabric softener . Most fabric softeners contain
Polymers , silicones and macro-emulsifiers that is
similar to a lotion (oil and water mix) . This may
Soften fabrics but it also makes them more water
Repelling , poor absorbers. Its always been a
Trade off , do we want absorbent or soft. Lately
They have been experimenting with other
Ingredients that would allow a fabric to be soft
But still absorbent but for now its still one or
The other . I prefer my towels absorbent .
Crazy but true
My GE washer does everything
But wont spin . Why ?
Do you like your towels absorbent ?
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