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Hints - Tips
Today's refrigerators are not only more
Friendly to our environment but keep things
Cool much more efficiently . Cooling fans
Under our refrigerator move air across the
Condenser and compressor keeping everything
Underneath cool and working reliably. When
Dust and pet hair collects it slows down the rate
Your refrigerator can get rid of generated heat.
This not only forces the refrigerator to run longer
But hotter while it's doing so . Many modern refrigerators
Have delicate electronics below and electronics
Do not like heat . Keeping the condenser clean
And following the manufactures maintenance
Schedule is one of the most important things we can
Do to help avoid costly repairs.
Most of today's refrigerators come equipped
With an automatic ice maker. Choosing the
Type of line we use to supply water to our
Refrigerator is very important . Steel braided
 And nylon braided lines are good choices ,
    Copper is ok as well as long as its secured .
  A bad choice would be the thin wall white
    Colored tubing. This type of tubing is easily
    Damaged when rolling the refrigerator in and
  Out and also becomes brittle after a short
 Time of being exposed to the heat blown
 Out behind our refrigerator. Many homes
 Suffer water damage due to this type of
Tubing . Avoid floods , choose a heavy
Duty fill line and check it from time to time
For discoloration and signs of leakage and
Or wear.
Steel braided lines
Are not only durable
But also help protect
The Line from the heat
behind refrigerators.
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