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Cooking Products
Yes . But only if the oven
Cleaner says it is safe for self
Clean ovens . You never want
to use full strength old fashion
Oven cleaner on a self clean oven.
Regular oven cleaner contains
Harsh strong chemicals that can
Damage the door special gasket on
self Clean ovens , also the residue left
Behind can become very toxic to breath
When the oven vents into the room
During the next self clean.
The most common reason for this
Malfunction is moisture . Under each
Knob is a switch that tells the
Ignition source to spark when you
Request a flame. Often the moisture
gets in the switch due to a boil over
Or during a cleaning .
Unplug or turn off the breaker to
The unit for a couple of days .
Most of the time after the switch
Dries out it goes back to working
Normal ,  If not you will need to
Call for service.
Can I use oven cleaner
on my self clean oven ?
Why ?
    Why do the burners keep clicking
even When all the knobs are turned Off ?.
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